Resort/Cabin Rulescome to Papin's Resort of Drummond Island, Michigan. 
Please read the following rules to ensure a great stay with us!

Things to know before you book a cabin:

Deposits are NON-refundable.
Pet fees have gone up, pets have to be approved. 
We only book cabins 1 year in advance. current guests get first option. 
Sorry, NO 1 night reservations.  Yes there is a daily rate listed. 
3 night minimum on Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, fall festival & other special event weekends.
Please call for reservations during normal business hours. (Typically 8am-8pm) you may also email us, or click on Reservation Form.
We do not allow events (such as weddings) to be held at the cabins.
Click on Trip Planner, for a list of things to bring, what our cabins have in them, and directions to get here.
Make sure your guests know what cabin they are going to, and what to bring.  
The person booking the cabin, must be the person staying in it.
If you have no intention of doing dishes or cleaning up after yourself, stay somewhere else 

NOTE- a shortage of help has forced us to make some changes 
to our arrival times.  The bigger log homes now have a 5pm arrival time. 
Unless you are willing to bring your own bedding or sleeping bags. Call or email
to make arrangements if this is something you are willing to help us with.
(making beds in the bigger cabins takes up SO much of our cleaning time!)

RESORT RULES (please read all the way to the bottom)

   ⇒     (that way there's no surprises when we charge your credit card for breaking a rule)   ⇐

  1. Deposits and payments
    Deposits are $100 for cottages and $200 for Log Homes. For daily rentals, the deposit is the cost of 1 night. All Deposits are non-refundable. (If I'm saving the cabin for you, I'm turning others away) We do not allow you to make a reservation for another guest.  We need to deal with the person staying in the cabin.  You will be expected to give us a credit card # when making a reservation, for security and damage purposes. We no longer accept checks for deposit, a credit card must be given when you make the reservation.  

  2. Taxes-All rates are "plus tax". 6% MI Sales tax, 5% Drummond Island Tourism tax, 1% UP Travel & Recreation Tax. Sorry for all the taxes!! I have no choice! :(

  3. Checking in- Check in time is 3pm or later. There will be no early check-ins during July and August. When you arrive, come to the office for payment, and for directions to your cabin.  If you would like to arrive before 3pm, please call for permission a day ahead of time. If you will be arriving late, call so we can discuss what you need to do. If you want to arrive in the morning, then plan on reserving the night before.
    DO NOT use online maps or a GPS to get here. (click on Trip Planner for directions) They don't always work here and you may end up lost. It is your responsibility to make sure your guests who may be arriving late, have the directions to the cabin, or that they ask us before they leave home. We are not open all night, and your phones may not work here. Your balance is due upon arrival. Please check in at the main office before moving into your cabin. You are responsible for the entire balance of your stay even if you leave early. We cannot give refunds due to early departures.
    • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Checks, or Cash.  We would prefer not to take more than a couple payments.  If you are splitting your bill with other guests, please plan ahead for this. 

  4. Late Check-In- If you get here after hours; we will have a map to your cabin hanging on the inside office door. Come in the next day for payment.  Do NOT park on the lawn or beyond any rock barriers. 

  5. Trailers - If you are pulling trailers and bringing extra vehicles; it is your responsibility to ask us about the parking areas for your cabin. Some cabins do NOT accommodate trailers. We have trailer parking along our driveway, please do not park on the lawn by your cabin without getting permission. There is NO room to turn a big trailer around at the office area and we have sewer and water lines buried in the lawn that can be damaged if ran over.  You will be responsible for repair costs if this happens.  So call and make arrangements BEFORE you get here!

  6. Freezer & AC units- We do not allow Air conditioning units, heaters, freezers, or refrigerators to be plugged into the cabins. If you bring any of these items, or similar items, there will be an electrical fee.  The older cottages cannot handle high draw items.

  7. Trash- Put all garbage in plastic garbage bags. Dumpsters are located in back of the pole barn at the resort. Do not put animal/fish remains in the dumpster. Please bring extra trash bags. Do not put grease or food down the sinks or toilet. We supply grease jars. 

  8. Dogs -All dogs must be approved in advance. Cats are not allowed. Our pet fee is $20 extra per night, or $100 weekly. ONE small dog per cabin is all we allow.  Please don't ask me if you can bring more than one dog.  The rules are the rules, and if you ask me and I say no, then I'm the bad person.  That is NOT fair to me.  
    Keep dogs on a leash at all times and clean up all dog droppings. (A shovel will be furnished upon request). Do not leave dogs in cabins alone! Do not let them bark constantly. It is very disturbing to the other guests. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE BEDS OR FURNITURE. If there is excessive pet hair on the blankets there will be an additional fee. If there is any damage to the cabins you will be expected to pay for it. We reserve the right to refuse pets. Please respect that other guests might not enjoy pets as much as you do! Dogs that do not play well with other pets and people are NOT welcome for safety reasons! If you are staying in the front cabins, #1 and #2, keep your pet close by your cabin. Do not let them utilize the whole front lawn. The lawn is for all of the guests to use.

  9. Hunting Dogs- The fees above do not apply to hunting dogs. Dogs that come in a trailer, truck, or kennel, will not be charged individually. As long as they stay outside and you clean up their mess. There will be a fee if I have to shovel up after your dogs.  Please remember, dogs that bark constantly are disturbing to the other guests.  If you don't use bark collars, please try to reserve one of our outlying cabins.  To qualify as a "hunting dog"  (no fee), you must be actively hunting or running the dogs, and the dog must remain outside. 

  10. Children -Please supervise your children at all times. They must wear life jackets near the water. Please don't let them throw stones in the water. We do not allow slingshots or B.B. Guns at the resort. Children are not allowed to ride motorized vehicles around the resort property. There is no swimming at our docks.  We have beaches on the island that we can direct you to.  Fishing from our docks is definitely allowed and recommended!

  11. ATV's - Do not park 4 wheelers or any wheeled vehicles on the lawn. Please keep them in the parking areas. If you tear up the grass, there will be a fine. Please try to respect the peace & quiet of the resort and the cabins near you. Trailer parking is down the driveway.  Do not joy ride around the resort on the ATV. 

  12. Cleaning fish- If you don't know how to clean fish, either ask someone for help, or don't keep any fish!  If we find whole fish in the cleaning station, we will call the DNR.  That is wasteful!!  Do not clean your fish in the cabins. Do not put fish guts in the dumpster. We have a fish cleaning station down by the water to clean your fish. We do not allow pressure cookers in the cabins, take your fish home to can. You are expected to clean up after yourself in the fish cleaning shed. Do not leave trash or cans, and spray down the area that you used. We provide bleach spray, electricity, and water hoses.  

  13. Boat rentals- Clean out your boat when you are finished with it, and put the life jackets and cushions back. (This includes dead fish, bait, beer/pop cans and fishing lures). You are responsible for damages caused to the boat. All boat rentals are "plus tax, and plus gas". We provide an anchor, life jackets, cushions, and oars. 
    Click on Boat Rentals for pricing and information for rental boats and kayaks. You are expected to come to the office at the end of your stay and pay for the fuel.

  14. Dock Space- Each cabin is entitled to one dock space. If you are bringing more than 1 boat, the dock fee is $5 per day, or $30 per week. Our docks have power hook ups, bring your own extension cord. We do not have bumpers at the docks, other than tires.  Bring your own bumpers and your own dock lines.  And please be aware- you are responsible for your own boat.  Our insurance does NOT cover your property.  If the weather is bad, it's your responsibility to take care of your boat and pull it out of the water if necessary.   

  15. Quiet after 10:00 p.m. Loud music is not allowed in any part of the resort, at anytime.  We get a lot of compliments on how quiet it is here, and we would like to keep it that way!  If you need a private cabin, let us know and we can make sure you get an outlying cabin.  No fireworks after July 4 without permission. No fireworks anywhere near the dock, the boats, or vehicles. Please ask for an approved location.  You will be asked to leave if you cannot abide by the 10pm quiet time.  

  16. Septics and plumbing- Do NOT flush anything down the toilets other than toilet paper. You cannot put tampons, napkins, grease or paper towel in the toilet. You will be responsible for any damages caused to the septic by doing this.  We have containers for grease, in our front office.  They can go in the dumpster.  Do not dump the grease on the ground.

  17. Checking out- check out time is 9am unless you have permission to stay longer. Do not leave dirty dishes or dirty ashtrays, and take your trash to the dumpster. Please leave your cabin close to the way you found it as possible. You will be charged a cleaning fee if the cabin is left excessively dirty; that includes pet hair. If you allowed your pet to sleep on our blankets or furniture; there will be an additional fee!  You will also be billed for items that are stolen, and you wont be allowed to return.  DO NOT move our furniture around.  We have hardwood floors in some of the cabins and it scratches the floors.  If you did move furniture, you are expected to MOVE IT BACK!   We have people waiting in line for cabins, so if you left a disgusting mess and dirty dishes, you will not be welcome back, and we won't have a problem filling your spot. 

  18. Damages- you are responsible for any damages caused by you or your guests. Please report damages and/or maintenance issues right away so we have time to make repairs for you, or for the next guests arriving. We understand accidents happen, we just want to be notified when it does. If you notice that something isn't right, such as a sewer smell, a slow flushing toilet, or a water leak, please tell us right away.  

    The rock barriers are there to protect our water lines, gas lines, and sewer lines. They are not sitting there to look pretty. Or as a challenge that you can squeeze the car or boat trailer between them.  ;)

  20. And finally- don't be the one that makes us add a #20 to this long list of rules! Follow the rules and be respectful of our cabins, the grounds, other guests, and we will do our best to make your stay enjoyable!  If you're not sure of something, just ask! :-)