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Resort Rules

Please read the following resort/cabin rules to ensure a great stay with us!


  • 1-week minimum stay during summer season, 3-night minimum stay during offseason.

  • Cabins can be booked fully online, but please feel free to call with any questions.

  • We do not allow events (such as weddings) to be held at the cabins.

  • Click on Trip Planner for a list of things to bring, what our cabins have in them, and directions to get here.

  • The person booking the cabin must be the person staying in it.


  1. Deposits and Payments: 50% of the total cost of your reservation is due at the time of booking with the other 50% automatically withdrawn 30 days before check-in.

  2. Cancellation Policy: Guests receive 100% if the cancellation occurs more than 30 days before arrival, 50% if cancellation occurs more than 14 days before arrival; and no refund within 14 days of arrival. If we fill your cabin with a new guest at anytime, you get 100% back.

  3. Taxes: All rates are "plus tax," which include 6% Michigan Sales Tax, 5% Drummond Island Tourism Tax, and 1% U.P. Travel & Recreation Tax.

  4. Check-In: There is no formal check-in, but please show up to your cabin at 3pm or later on the day of your reservation. It will be unlocked with a key on the counter when you walk in. If you would like to arrive before 3pm, please call for permission ahead of time. There will be no early check-ins during July and August. You are responsible for the entire balance of your stay even if you leave early. We cannot give refunds due to early departures. Please let us know if anything is damaged or missing upon arrival and do not move furniture around.

  5. Parking/Trailers: DO NOT PARK ON THE LAWN OR BEYOND ANY ROCK BARRIERS!  MAKE SURE YOUR GUESTS KNOW THIS. The rock barriers are there to protect our water lines, gas lines, and sewer lines, which can be damaged if run over. You will be responsible for repair costs if this happens, so please call and make arrangements BEFORE you get here! Some cabins do NOT accommodate trailers, but we have trailer parking along our driveway. There is NO room to turn a big trailer around at the office area.

  6. Trash: Please put all garbage in plastic garbage bags. Dumpsters are located in back of the pole barn at the resort. Do not put animal/fish remains in the dumpster. Please bring extra trash bags and do not put grease or food down the sinks or toilet. $25 per cigarette butt left on the ground or in a firepit.


  8. Children: Please supervise your children at all times. They must wear life jackets near the water. Children are not allowed to ride motorized vehicles around the resort property. There is no swimming at our docks.  We have beaches on the island where we can direct you. Fishing from our docks is definitely allowed and recommended!

  9. ATV's: Do not park 4 wheelers or any wheeled vehicles on the lawn. Please keep them in the parking areas and do not joy ride around the resort. If you tear up the grass, there will be a fine. Please try to respect the peace and quiet of the resort and the cabins near you. Trailer parking is down the driveway.

  10. Cleaning Fish: Please do not clean your fish in the cabins or put fish guts in the dumpster. We have a fish cleaning station down by the water. We do not allow pressure cookers in the cabins, so please take your fish home. You are expected to clean up after yourself in the fish cleaning shed. Do not leave trash or cans and spray down the area that you used. We provide bleach spray, electricity, and water hoses.

  11. Boat Rentals: Please clean out your boat when you are finished with it, and put the life jackets and cushions back (this includes dead fish, bait, beer/pop cans and fishing lures). You are responsible for damages caused to the boat. All boat rentals are "plus tax and plus gas." We provide an anchor, life jackets, cushions, and oars.  

  12. Boat Rentals: Click on Boat Rentals for pricing and information for rental boats and kayaks.

  13. Dock Space: Each cabin is entitled to one dock space. If you are bringing more than 1 boat and there is an available space, the dock fee is $5 per day. Our docks have power hookups, but please bring your own extension cord. We do not have bumpers at the docks, other than tires. Bring your own bumpers and your own dock lines and please be aware that you are responsible for your own boat. Our insurance does NOT cover your property. If the weather is bad, it is your responsibility to take care of your boat and pull it out of the water if necessary.   

  14. Courtesy: Loud music is not allowed in any part of the resort at anytime, but after 10pm we have courtesy hours. You will be asked to leave if you cannot abide by the 10pm quiet time. Regardless of the time of day, please be respectful of your neighbor. There are also no fireworks or golfing/chipping for safety reasons.

  15. Septics and Plumbing: Do NOT flush anything down the toilets other than toilet paper. You cannot put tampons, napkins, grease or paper towel in the toilet. You will be responsible for any damages caused to the septic by doing this. Please do not dump the grease on the ground.

  16. Checking Out: Checkout time is 9am. Simply put, please leave your cabin close to the way you found it as possible. Do not leave dirty dishes and take your trash to the dumpster. You will be charged a cleaning fee if the cabin is left excessively dirty, which includes pet hair. Do not leave any food items or drinks in the fridge or freezer even if they are unopened...unless it's beer:)

  17. Damages: you are responsible for any damages caused by you or your guests. Please report damages and/or maintenance issues right away so we have time to make repairs for you and/or for the next guests arriving. We understand accidents happen and just want to be notified when they do. If you notice that something isn't right, such as a sewer smell, a slow flushing toilet, or a water leak, please tell us right away.

  18. And most importantly, don't be the one that makes us add #18 to this list of rules! Follow the rules and be respectful of other guests, our cabins, and the grounds, and we will do our best to make your stay enjoyable! If you're not sure of something, just ask. Thank you for spending your vacation with us!

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