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Boat Rentals

Welcome to our Drummond Island Boat Rental Information brought to you by Papin's Resort. We offer fishing boat rentals, pontoon boat rentals and kayak rentals for your Upper Peninsula vacation.

Drummond Island Fishing Boat Rentals
Fishing boats are 14' Deep V Aluminum boats with 15hsp Mercury motors 
$50 per day, plus tax and fuel for guests of Papin's Resort
$65 per day, plus tax and fuel for Non-guests of Papin's Resort

$250 per week, plus tax and fuel for guests of Papin's Resort
$300 per week, plus tax and fuel for Non-guests of Papins Resort

Fishing boats come with an anchor, cushions, life jackets, and oars.
You are responsible for cleaning your trash out of the boat.

Drummond Island Row Boat Rentals 
$150 per week, no daily rentals on row boats
Row boats are only available if we have boats with no motors on them.
Motors are too heavy to remove just for a row boat rental.
Row boats must stay on our property (they cannot be driven to and launched at another location).

Drummond Island Pontoon Boat Rentals
21' Pontoons for $200 per day, $500 for 3 days, $700 per week 
They hold between 10-12 people.
They have a top over half of the boat.
Boats do not come with electronics such as fish finders or depth finders. 
They are very basic and simple pontoon boats. 
They do come with all life jackets and emergency equipment.
They have a 40hsp mercury motor, good on gas, does not pull a skier or tube.
NO live well, bring a cooler! 
There is a $175 prop deposit for all pontoon rentals. This deposit is refundable IF the prop comes back undamaged.  
This will be charged to a credit card.

  • Prices do not include tax or fuel.  You will pay for the fuel that you use.

  • We supply life jackets and cushions, oars, and an anchor.

  • Weekly boat rentals are from your arrival day until the night before your departure.

  • Daily rentals are from 8am-8pm 
    Call ahead to make an appointment, or we may not be available.

  • Sorry, only full day bookings, no Half days

  • Weekly bookings taken first.  No one day bookings until it's closer to the day that you want.

NOTE- We put boats away for the winter based on the weather.  Usually around the 2nd week of October.

Drummond Island Kayak Rentals
There is nothing like gliding in a kayak along our beautiful Drummond Island bays to enjoy our scenery, sunrises and sunsets.

12' Kayak Rentals

$30 per day or $50 for 2 kayaks
3 days for $80 or $150 for 2 kayaks
Full week for $150 or $275 for 2 kayaks

paddles and life jackets provided

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