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Pet Rules

Our pet fee is now $20 per night and $100 per week.

Please respect our pet rules so that your pet (and you) will be allowed to return.  
We love animals, we just ask that they do not disturb others, 
and that our staff does not have to clean up after them. I have asked 
people repeatedly to not let the pets on the furniture and beds, 
then I spend days picking hair out of blankets, and even throwing some of
them in the trash.  Its very frustrating to me and the staff. 
Our rules might sound strict, but with this many cabins they 
are necessary.   and unfortunately, we will not be allowing certain
breeds of dogs due to the shedding.  I do understand that this will
stop some of you from staying here, and that's completely understandable.
I would even be happy to recommend some pet friendly places. 
Please don't ask me if you can bring more than one dog.  The rules are the rules, 
and if you ask me and I say no, then I'm the bad person.  That is NOT fair to me.   
Thank you for understanding!

  • ONE small, non shedding dog per cabin.

  • Please call and get permission to bring your small dog, before your arrival.

  • We are sorry, but cats are not allowed.

  • Please don't make me spell out what breeds are not allowed, you know if your dog sheds. 

  • Keep dogs on a leash at all times and clean up all dog droppings. 
    (please bring what you need to be able to clean up the mess)

  • Please do not leave your pet alone in the cabin.

  • Please do not let them bark constantly. It is very disturbing to the other guests.

  • Please keep your dog off the furniture and beds. 
    (If there is pet hair on the blankets there will be an additional fee.)

  • If there is any damage to the cabins you will be expected to pay for it. 

  • We reserve the right to refuse a pet because of its breed, and/or size.

  • Please respect that other guests might not enjoy dogs as much as you do!

  • Dogs that do not play well with other pets and people are NOT welcome for safety reasons!

  • If you are staying in the front cabins, #1 and #2, keep your pet close by your cabin. 
    Do not let them utilize the whole front lawn. The lawn is for all of the guests to use.

  • We do supply dog waste bags in the front office, in case you forget yours!

  • If you try to sneak a pet in, your credit card will be charged double the pet fee, and you won't be allowed back.

Pet fees will apply to ALL dogs, no matter how small, well behaved, non-shedding, non-barking, they are!!  
Fees are $20 nightly, or $100 weekly

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